Jared Tallent Gold Medal Ceremony 

 Jared Tallent will be presented with his London Olympic Gold Medal at 12.00 noon on Friday 17 June.

Jared would love as many people as possible to share this historic moment with him. It will be the first Olympic medal ceremony to be held in the Victorian capital since 1956.

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History has been rewritten Tallent is now Olympic Champion

Jared Tallent will be awarded the gold medal for the 50km walk in London after the Russian winner was disqualified for doping.

Tallent was ecstatic with the result, declaring “History has been rewritten tonight. I am the Olympic champion and justice has been served. I’m very excited to see the result amended and thank all those who have supported me across this journey".

Tallent's personal Olympic medal tally remains at three but he will now have a medal of each colour, with his London gold set to join the silver (50km walk) and bronze (20km walk) he won in Beijing in 2008.

Although the announcement comes nearly 4 years after crossing the line in second at the 2012 Olympic Games, Tallent was still savouring the historical decision.

“For me, this outcome allows me to celebrate a moment that every athlete dreams of and I look forward to sharing the experience with my family, including wife Claire, my Mum, Dad and siblings.”

Tallent also becomes the Olympic Record Holder with a time of 3.36.53.